Adjustments (Receipt From Client)

Adjustments (Receipt From Client)

  • From the Durell Home Screen click on to “Accounts”, then “Cashbook”. Create your cashbook entry by then using the “Snowflake” button

  • Create the cashbook entry for the amount you actually received from the client. Once you click “Reconcile” you will see that your receipt amount is lower than the amount invoiced for the policy

  • Double click on the entry you want to reconcile. When the “Reconcile Options” window appears, change the “Amount to reconcile” to the actual amount the client has paid you.
  • Then, select “Adjust figure in ledgers to amount below” and click “OK

  • Input the reason for the adjustment and click “OK

  • You will now see the “Ledger Adjustment” screen. This screen asks you where you would like to make the adjustment. Always select to make this adjustment in your commission. Highlight the commission row, click “OK”, then confirm that you would like to amend your commission by this amount

  • After clicking “OK”, you will see the adjustment amount appear in the Ledger Adjustment window. Click “OK” to proceed, then click “OK” again to confirm the adjustment

  • You will now be asked to update the premium screen of the policy, to reflect the adjustment you have just completed. Clicking “OK” will take you directly to the premium screen

  • Amend the commission on the premium screen to match the change you have just made and then click “Save” in the top left corner. Your reconciliation and adjustment is now complete

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