Adjustments (When Paying Insurer)

Adjustments (When Paying Insurer)

  1. From the Durell Home Screen
  2. Go to “Accounts”

  1. Click “Cashbook”

  1. Click “Snowflake” to create a new cashbook entry

  1. Create the cashbook entry for the amount you will actually pay the insurer

  1. Click “Reconcile” on the cashbook entry after you’ve filled in the relevant information.
  2. The purchase ledger entry that you will be reconciling is shown below. 
  3. N.B. This is purely showing you the entry, this will not be shown during the reconciliation process.

  1. Double click on the entry you want to reconcile.

  1. When the “Reconcile Options” appears, change the “Amount to reconcile” to the actual amount the insurer has requested.
  2. The select “Adjust figure in ledgers to amount below”

  1. Input the reason for the adjustment

  1. Press “OK” when you get to the “Ledger Adjustment” screen, this is saying you wish to adjust the corresponding client commission on the linked sales ledger entry.

  1. Press “OK” when “Cashbook Reconciliation” prompt appears

  1. The below shows what’s happened on the “Purchase ledger”. A new entry has been created which is an increase in premium owed to the insurer (which has been reconciled)

The below shows the “Sales ledger”, you will see an extra blank adjustment entry.

  1. Clicking on this entry will show you the adjustment
    1. + £10 Premium.
    2. - £10 Commission.

  1. Go back to the “Accounts” screen, then click “Period End”

  1. Click on the “Transferable” tab
  2. You will see below that a minus £10 commission is now present on your transferable routine.

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