Amend Lockdown

Amend Lockdown

  1. It is possible to input a date into Durell, to prevent any amendment of the accounts, before a specified date. It is called the “Lockdown” and can be used prior to the final account closure tool, the Period End.
  2. To set the lockdown, begin from the Durell front screen and click on “Accounts” and then “Period End”

  1. Ensure the “Apply first date to all” option is ticked and then set the date by keying it into the first field. Apply it by clicking “OK”

  1. This will prevent any changes in the accounts, prior to 31/05/2019, but you can enter any date you like.
  2. To remove a period end that is already in place, repeat the process but delete the date in the top field, before clicking “OK” to apply the removal

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