Client Reconciliation

Client Reconciliation

  1. Select the Accounts icon from the main Dashboard upon logging in to Durell. 

  1. From here, select the Cashbook as all Reconciliation will take place here. 

  1. To set up a new payment from a client/Finance source, select the blue snowflake (in the top left corner)

  1. This will enable you to set up the order details.  You will need to select address type clients individual or Business clients or Finance source if being paid by Close Brothers or Premium Credit. If unsure you can go to the top option where you can select via all address, type in the Client name or Finance House who are paying you, such as Arron and CO and select the green binoculars – this ensures the correct client or Finance House is selected.  The unique ref for the client or Finance House will show.  If it doesn’t then you may have forgotten to select the green binoculars. 
  2. Working your way down to the order details, the key part is the field Type.  You will need to select receipt here as this represent money coming from the client or Finance House and not a payment.
  3. You then enter the amount the client or Finance House has paid you, this could be for 1 or more polices. 

  1. Next select Reconcile
  2. This will now take you to the following screen.

  1. You either just click ok, or adjust the date the money is going to appear in the bank. Once you have click ok it will then take you through to another screen that shows you all unreconciled cases relating to that Client or Finance House.
  2. Working from Client reconciliation list, select the cases one at a time and reconcile.  You must always select credit first. To reconcile, double click on the entry. 

  1. In the example, I have double clicked on the first entry, the following will show. 

  1. If the figure matches, select OK, followed by Yes to the next pop up.
  2. Select the next row you wish to reconcile for the £1,000

  1. On reconciling the entry, the Balance will now show as £0 whilst the Reconciled column will display the total you have confirmed.
  2. Once you have reconciled all items at the bottom of the screen you will see the amount received which is £500.00  amount reconciled £500.00 balance is 0. The balance figure should always be 0 when you have finished: See example below:

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