Insurer Reconciliation

Insurer Reconciliation

  1. Select the Accounts icon from the main Dashboard upon logging in to Durell. 

  1. From here, select the Cashbook as all Reconciliation will take place here. 

  1. To set up a new payment to a General Insurer, select the blue snowflake (in the top left corner)

  1. This will enable you to set up the order details.  You will need to type in the Insurer you will be paying, such as Gresham and select the green binoculars – this ensures the insurer is selected.  The unique ref for the insurer will show.  If it doesn’t then you may have forgotten to select the green binoculars. 
  2. Working your way down to the order details, the key part is the field Type.  You will need to select Payment here as this represent money going to Gresham and not being received.
  3. The Gresham Statement will have a total and you can input this in to the payment amount.  In the example, Gresham are asking for £85,517.22. 
  1. Next, select Reconcile in the bottom left and this will then take you through to another screen that shows you all unreconciled cases relating to that insurer.  
  1. Working from Gresham’s statement, it is just a case of finding the corresponding entry in the list and reconciling the case.  To reconcile, double click on the entry.
  2. In the example, I have double clicked on Biggins S. 

  1. If the figure matches the Gresham Statement, select OK, followed by Yes to the next pop up. 

  1. On reconciling the entry, the Balance will now show as £0 whilst the Reconciled column will display the total you have confirmed.
  2. This will be repeated until the full statement has been reconciled. 
  3. There is also an option where you can bulk reconcile entries, which can be very useful if you know the amounts are correct. If this is the case I suggest that you raise a ticket and get one of the support team to run through this with you.
  4. On occasions, you find that there is a penny difference.  Instead of reconciling the total amount, you would just need to select the second option and change the Amount to reconcile to actual amount you wish to reconcile. This could be an increase or decrease.

  1. On selecting Ok, you will then be able to input a reason for the adjustment.  

  1. The next screen will show the Ledger Adjustment that needs to be carried out because of this.  This will adjust the commission in the sales ledger & policy by the amount you have input.  You will just need to select Ok here.
  2. This will then create a new line for the adjustment.  Something that can be reported on later.
  3. Once you have completed the insurer statement and the amount at the bottom of the statement is now zero as all your reconciled entries now match the amount Gresham are asking for. (see below). You can then exit back to the Cashbook by selecting the door icon. 

  1. To complete the reconciliation, change the Cashing up method to Cash up now as individual item in bank.
  2. Your payment will then be displayed under the Payment column. 

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