1. When inputting an ‘Overrider’ you will need to create a manual entry sales invoice in the accounts.
  2. From the ‘Durell Home Screen’, click ‘Accounts’

  1. Click ‘Sales’

  1. Click ‘Starburst’ to create a new ledger entry 

  1. When creating the new entry
  2. Select the insurer or finance source that is issuing the ‘Overrider’
  3. Type will be ‘Invoice’
  4. Input the ‘Date’
  5. Input the insurer/finance source into the ‘Policy holder’ field
  6. Insert the word ‘Overrider’
  7. Click ‘Add’ located in the bottom left
  8. Copy ‘Policy number’ info and paste into the ‘Description’ ledger line.
  9. If the funds are going into the ‘Client Account’ select the nominal ‘GXIA’
  10. If the funds are going into the ‘Office Account’ select the nominal ‘GXIE’
  11. Input the value of the ‘Overrider’

  1. Click ‘Save’ on the toolbar