Transferable Commission

Transferable Commission

  1. From the Durell Home Screen
  2. Go to “Accounts”

  1. Click “Period End”

  1. Select the “Transferable” tab.

  1. Click the “>” under “Transfer up to date”, then amend as required.

  1. Click “Report” and save this somewhere (It’s imperative that this is saved)
  2. Click “Transfer”
  3. Check the Journal date is correct
  4. If this is in the past you can move this date forward
  5. If this is in the future it means there is a future dated cashbook entry reconciled against a ledger entry within the defined ledger date range

  1. Commission, Fee, Finance Charges will appear separately therefore the have to be transferred separately by click “Transfer” when each is highlighted.
  2. Go to “ Cashbook” and cash items up to the bank

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